Thursday, May 31, 2012

So yeah, school got in the way of my blogging...

Maybe life is a more accurate reason as to why I haven't blogged in a loooong time. I missed posting about birthdays and other special events, but here's a quick recap through pictures of what we've been up to these past few months.

Mostly we play, play, and play...the boys are so happy to be out of school for summer. Yes, that's correct. I'm going to try my hand at this stay at home mom business for the summer. I quickly realized yesterday that when you try not to spend money (even at Chick fil A or on frozen yogurt) that you can quickly run out of things to do...sad but true. Drew finished his long run at Open Arms ---the best school ever! I was the blubbering mom on the last day. I've just loved this school. Even though Grady will still be there, it was the end of an era with Drewman graduating from their pre-K program. He will be starting at Manning Oaks - the elementary school up the street in August. Grady returns to Open Arms and starts with Ms. Faye & Ms. Jackie - two teachers who just loved Drew, and we love them. We're excited for both of them as they start new chapters. Drew discovered his LOVE for all things math...double digit addition and word problems thanks to his awesome teacher, Ms. Bethany. And Grady discovered his voice...he NEVER stops talking, so Dave and I are working on our patience.

So here's what we're up to this summer:
We manage to go to the local YMCA, so I can run on the Greenway trail while the boys play. We spend a lot of time at the pool with friends and have playdates at the park too. Drew has been taking swim lessons at the Y and is doing very well. I see summer swim league in our future, and I can't wait! Grady and I are going to do a mommy & me swim lesson class with Hudson and Chels starting next week while Drew goes to Vacation Bible School with his neighborhood friends.So yeah, school got in the way of my blogging... We leave for a week long trip to Destin on June 16th with my parents and Jay's family. We're spending the week with my dad's college roommates and their families. It should be fun and crazy! Then we're home for a week and off on our 20 hour road trip to RochVegas to see Dave's parents and a few friends along the way.

Drew showing off his muscles this weekend at the lake

 Grady checking out the pool

Grady attacking your friendly neighborhood inflatable killer whale

Drew playing soccer (this is a lot of action for him on this last day of soccer--he was NOT into it at this point in the season.)

Just hanging out in the middle of the soccer all highly competitive athletes like to do

Drew dressed up for "dress like your dad or mom" day at school
Grady had to get in on the action too....surprise, surprise

Grady and his beloved paci (he calls it a faci...that way when he says paci, he can keep it in his mouth) harrassing his buddy, Braden at the pool

Brotherly love (check out the mohawk on Drewman compliments of his daddy)

Playing in the rain

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey Guys, It is Dave. I am starting my own blog where I hope to highlight a few of the photos I have taken. Please check it out sometime.

Hopefully now that Kari and the boys are on Summer Vacation she might update this once or twice.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to....Gaga & Uncle Mark (and a VERY belated to Papa...oops!)

Somehow in the craziness of Halloween, we forgot to wish Papa a proper Happy Birthday on Halloween via the blog, so here's to Papa who loves to get down and play with his grandkids whether it's building block towers or reading books. He's pretty great! Sometimes fights break out over who is going to play with him. Lucky guy?!?!

Papa, Grady, Drew, and Nonna on a fall visit to Alpharetta
(We always look so forward to these visits!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now on to our  most recent shared birthdays...that's right, my mom (Gaga) and Dave's brother (Uncle Mark) share the same exact birthday, and if we're going even further, Chelsea's mom (TuTu) also has a birthday on January 13th.

We celebrated with my mom on her actual birthday. She and Dad hosted us at their house for our favorite spicy, cheesy potato soup, cornbread, and yummy wine. We are so thankful to have my parents close by because the boys love to hang out with them. We also couldn't accomplish a lot of what we do on a weekly basis without them. Gaga is a true treasure...a master juggler of all 3 grandbabies, folder of laundry--thank you!, giver of advice, supporter of all we do, and favorite playmate. She always has a treat waiting for the boys especially glasses full of chocolate milk. Her birthday was a great success for all!

Drew, Grady, Gaga, & Hudson at the end of Gaga's birthday jammies and headed home to bed.
Fun was had by all...

And then we must talk about this newly crowned 30 year old...Uncle Mark who is beloved by all of nephews and niece. He never hesitates to play with them or put them in their place. He'll throw a ball or chase them all around, and they love it! We were fortunate to celebrate early over Christmas with a traditional Carvel ice cream cake and some fun while in Tampa. Big changes are on the horizon for Mark as he leaves Michigan for the first time (this week, actually) in over a decade for a promotion in St. Louis. We are so excited for him as he embarks on this new journey in his life. Happy 30th Birthday--Uncle Mark!
Drew, Carmen, Mark, Grady, and Caal

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas 2011

Well, time for a Dave post. I figured it would be time for one of us to try and keep the blog updated and since I am the one taking the pictures I figured it would be best if I just went a head and posted them. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

The Yuhas Clan started the Holidays here in Atlanta, celebrating with Drew and Grady's School, and then enjoying Christmas Eve at Gaga & Pop's house with Kari's family. Christmas Day we woke up to find that Santa was very nice to the boys. It was quick morning of unwrapping presents and then we jumped into the Yuhas Family Truckster for the drive to Tampa. My parents and Mark flew from the cold north so we all could enjoy a warm Christmas in Florida. Thanks for Caci, Tia Jen, Caal and Carmen for hosting.
After a few warm days in Florida we returned to Alpharetta to enjoy the last few days of the school break before reality set in and we all went back to work this week.

Drew on Christmas Eve
How can Drew be so old? I blinked and 5 years has gone by!

Grady the Cookie Maker

Drew and Grady helping Mommy make Christmas Cookies. Red Hot's anyone??

Grady making sure the Fire Place is up to code and current on inspections prior to the big arrival.

A little brotherly fun on Christmas Eve Night

The delivery has been made. Thanks Santa!!
Thanks Papa for the sleds, now lets keep our fingers crossed for some snow!!

Nonna enjoying a litte quite time with Carmen in Tampa

Nonna and Papa with the grandkids!!

Unlce Mark and all the kids.

We had to celebrate Uncle Mark's 30th. How is my baby brother (can't call him little) turning 30 already?

View from the front of Carlos' family beach house in Indian Rocks Beach.

A Little New Years Fun by the fire, maybe too much fun, we almost missed the ball drop.

I think we had the fire hot enough

Grady singing "Away In The Manger" at the Open Arms Christmas Performance

Grady after the Big Show

Drew after rocking Silent Night

Little Cousin Hudson after show. We are love that Hudson goes to the same school as the boys.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy belated x 2...

First of all...Happy Belated Birthday to Dave's sister, Jen. She celebrated her special day on November 4th. This is a special day in our family as it is my Sissy's birthday too. We were fortunate enough to spend time with Jen and her family on her actual birthday. That never happens, but we were in Tampa to meet our new niece, Carmen...what a special family and special weekend. Thanks to Jen, Carlos, Caal, and now..sweet baby Carmen for hosting us for a fast but fun weekend. We wish they lived closer; we always have so much fun with them.

Next...happy belated 5th birthday to Drewman. Wow---I can't believe that you are five, little man. We brought you home from Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center on a blustery December day in 2006. What a sweet blessing you have been to us?! You are full of energy; although, you love to veg out in front of the TV to watch a good movie or "show." You're a tender-hearted boy who is always looking out for others. You are desperate to learn to read, and we practice all the time. You love chocolate milk, all of your grandparents (who adore you as well), your brother, your cousins...Hud, Caal, and baby Carmen, watching football, playing with Legos, cars, and Transformers. You hate going to bed and taking a nap (well, most days you don't like a nap.) You love watching WordWorld, Power Rangers, and Transformers, but you are always willing to let Grady watch his show first...Elmo's World. You love to play with your friends in the neighborhood, and they love to hang out with you too. You're kind, smart, and funny. I love to see you laugh and smile, and you are the most ticklish person that I have ever met. We love you!

Drew at 2 1/2 years old...

And just 5 with your little bro...holding his hand and protecting him as you do best...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy belated and happy early birthdays to...

Our sweet niece arrived on September 27th, 2011...Caal welcomed a baby sister, Carmen Louise. Yay...a girl! We are so excited. They are all doing well.

And Happy early 2nd birthday to GRADY JOSEPH! We're headed to Nashville for a wedding in a few hours, so I won't be able to blog tomorrow. How time flies....

Grady - You are a crazy man. We love to call you Gradymeister, and you love to keep us on our toes. You are not ready to give up your beloved paci yet, and frankly, we're just going to let you keep it for awhile. You are headstrong and stubborn..wonder where you got those qualities from?!?! (Can you say...your Daddy?!) Ha! You love Elmo, The Wiggles, any kind of ball, your potty time book, riding on your tricycle, cereal, MILK, yogurt, ice cream, anything sweet (that might be from your Mommy), and your favorite...your big brother, Drewman. You hate showers/baths, being away from Drewman, not getting your way, and eating dinner.

We are so thankful for the past 2 years of your sweet life...happy birthday, little man!

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